Photo of the Day

Pulled this pic from my files.
Really needing to get out
and about with my camera.
It's been awhile.


Denise inVA said…
Marvelous close up Pam. I too am using old photos but hope to get out and take new ones soon. Snow's coming :)
Nasreen said…
Amazing detail. Love the pic.
S. J. Qualls said…
Nice close-up!
Sandra said…
they are hard to get photos of, good job on thisone.
This is beautiful, Pam. The delicate wings are a fantastic detail.
Benita Roberts said…
That's a great shot! I need to do the same thing...I haven't been out shooting in ages!!
Mildred said…
I did find several china pattern with the name Pamela! One has pretty dogwood blossoms.
here is the link:
Debbie said…
this is such a pretty image. it can be difficult keeping the camera busy in winter. i am lucky that the birds come to me!!!

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