Photo of the Day - Holly

One of my fav 
photos of 
my niece, Holly.
This was taken 
several years ago.

She is about to 
graduate from
in May!

So proud of her.

Thanks for stopping in,


S. J. Qualls said…
Congratulations to Holly!
Al said…
That's a great portrait.
Liz A. said…
Oooh, big milestone!
Red Rose Alley said…
This is such a great photo. I really like the leaves swirling all around her.

Thanks for the comment on my sibling post. It was pretty interesting to read about.

Tammy said…
Congrats to Holly. My eldest boy should be graduating but kept changing his major so looks like he'll need another year.
Debbie said…
what a cute picture of a beautiful girl!! images like these are so much fun to take and moments like these often provide a really natural smile!! your niece must be thrilled to be so close to the finish line!!!

ps...i used my older nikon, i am having some trouble adjusting to the new camera. i am going to the photo center when i have time, i need a little assistance - i can't seem to get the scene setting to work right, especially the micro!!!
sage and spirit said…
Great photo of a beautiful girl!
Sandra said…
congratulations to Holly

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