Mother Nature - Back Off

I love snow.
But I love snow in
the dead of winter,
NOT after spring
has started to show in
blooming plants and
things coming up.

7 am this morning I
woke to this.

In the dead of winter we
had one day of flurries!
Today at least an inch.

My Hosta. Good
thing they are hardy plants.

Monkey grass.

These next pics were taken after
the snow started to melt.
Ground was to warm since
just yesterday it was in the
70s and the day before 80s.

I took this first thing this morning.
My son and daughter in law live
in San Diego Calif.
Whenever we get snow I
always send them a note
written in snow.

This pic was taken down the
Full bloom with snow!

I think Mother Nature
needs to back OFF!

Thanks for stopping in,


Sandra said…
me thinks mother nature has Alzheimer's.. LOL
S. J. Qualls said…
It was pretty while it lasted though, huh? It missed us - maybe will get it tonight, I don't know. We'll have that warm weather every day, before long ...
Liz A. said…
You speak of this snow thing like it's a bad thing...

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