It has been a week and one day
since I had my gastric by pass
surgery. I have done
great. I thought it was going
to be a horrible week and it
has been a breeze.

Keep in mind that I started
drinking clear liquids on
Sunday night before
and I am still drinking the same.

I was surprised to see that the
docs office treat vegetable and
beef broth as

He is what my day consist of.

Either I have chicken, beef or
veggie broth for breakfast

But I mix 2 scoops of this with
my broth. That gives me
20 grams of protein.

This is my new sippy cup...
thanks Sandra for giving
me the idea to make a post and for
calling this a
sippy cup!

I put 4ozs of water in here.
Love that ozs are marked
on my cup.
I mix my necter (above) with
the water...
SHAKE it baby!

then I add heated broth.
Using a 1/2 can of broth,
and the water this usually
comes to 10 ozs.

Stick a straw in and
here I go.
It is taking me about 45 mins to
and hour to get this down.
Taste is not bad but I have
to take it all so slow
to not over load
my stomach pouch to fast.

I am required to take in 64ozs of
liquid in a day.
I usually do that with  tea.

What TEA? Clear liquid? is.
It has to be decaf, unsweet.

This is the cup I got from
the clinic but it does not
have the ozs on it. So once
I measure my tea I put
it in here and store in the fridge
for the day.

There is a whole list of things you
can have to drink.
Crystal Light being one..
I have tried to stay away
from taking in so many
different types of stuff like
this that contains
artificial sweetener.

However, I brought this home
from the hospital and I
actually mix a bit with
my tea.

Mom went crazy buying no sugar
added jello which I can also have...
still again, taking it easier due to
the sweetener. I have Fibromyalgia
and artificial sweetener and Fibro
don't play pretty together.

Also.....sugar free...
But boy these are so good and its a
nice tasting treat. Plus, it does go
to my liquid intake for the day.

I do the broth 3 times a day.
That gives me 60 grams of protein.
I am supposed to take in 60 to 90.
However, I am so about over BROTH!!!

Doc. apt tomorrow and with that
I should be able to move onto
protein shakes which will be thicker
and more filling so the BROTH can
be gone! Still doing the liquids.
I will do 64 ozs of them everyday for
the next yr.
With the doc apt. I will also start taking
my vits, iron and calcium that
I will be taking the rest of my life.

Thanks for stopping in and
come back tomorrow to see if there
has been a loss (there better be) and how


Liz A. said…
Only liquids? No solids?
Sandra said…
I like your sippy cups but not what you put in them.. yuck on the broth. my mother loved that broth and sipped it because she did. I assume you will add solids to the ounces soon. hope so... good luck with the weight loss.
Sandra said…
forgot to say my sons wife had this surgery a year and a half ago and is down 102 pounds and is now off her insulin, it took care of her diabetes.
Darla M Sands said…
Best wishes! You are a trooper.
Betsy Adams said…
Congrats... Sounds like things so far are going well for you. The hardest part of weight loss is the maintenance.... I could always LOSE the weight ---but could never keep it off... In 2011 I lost about 100 pounds and have been able to keep it off since. BUT--it is NOT easy.... I work much harder at the maintenance than I did while losing of the weight.... Hope you'll be able to get yours off and then keep it off...


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