Funny Little Things

In Facebook I have an
album titled
Funny Little Things.

I post things in there that
are cute, funny or things
I find hidden in other

Sorry...picked this one up
at my Gastro docs office.

I just could not help but laugh about

Do you see the face in the door?
Looks like the eyes are closed.

Who remembers
Mr. Bill?


Found this heart in the snow
on my windshield.

I see a crossing guard in the
wall of the
school where I

Laying in the hospital back in the
spring when I had a kidney
infection I looked up
and saw this.

Another face..

Here we have an Octopus 

Face in the wood.

Driving down a country road I
found this.

Street sign.

Saw this driving down the main road.

Another country road.

I love the tinman in the tree.

Rocks piled high

Cartoon face in the wood.

Was staining some wood and when done
I saw this heart.

Thanks for stopping in,


S. J. Qualls said…
Good finds! Yeah, I see what you see - mostly, I think your octopus looks more like a walrus. Ha Ha. Lots of critters and faces can be found in carpeting.
Sandra said…
I love, love, love every single find you found. and I see faces every where to. I never thought about creating an album for them, I post on the blog and they are gone in one day. I love the octopus and the hospital face is a real find as is the crossing guard. you have the gift of Sight.. truly SEEING
Liz A. said…
The face thing reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode (I think it was TZ, the remake series done in the '80s) where a woman freaked out about faces she saw in patterns. Ended up in a mental hospital. Until the faces came for her there...

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