Tonight I am feeling.....
a bit sad and a bit

This is my oldest grandson

Caleb and his mom
moved in with me
right before he
turned a year old. 
They stayed with me
till he was 6.

In August Caleb moved back 
in with me for a while.

Today, he moved back in 
with his mom.
He is also 16 now.

Although he was not an issue 
I did have to be sure that 
he had food in the house,
 I cooked for
him and I took him
places he needed to go.

And yes, I already miss him. 

Now Dakota and I need to find
out what it is like to
live my retired life 
cause Caleb moved
in just 2 weeks after I
When I should have been
learning what retirement would
be like I had a teen living with me,
I had a cancel a planned trip, I
was dealing with some major
Fibromyalgia issuses.
Found like that I had a
non alcoholic fatty liver,
I started a process of jumping
through hoops to have gastric 
by pass surgery, my daughter then
moved in for 3 months, I had surgery....
and now, maybe now life
can get to some type of
normal for my fur baby 
and I.

Thanks for stopping in,


S. J. Qualls said…
Once you get used to your newfound freedom - you'll love it!
Beautiful boy, btw!
Aw - Pam, life just never goes in a straight line, does it? Saying goodbye to your grandson is like going through the empty nest all over again. That is hard to go through and leaves you feeling a little lost, I'm sure. Now you will have time to yourself that you have put aside to be a wonderful and caring grandmother. You've earned this....take it slow and enjoy the freedom. Sleep late and be good to yourself. Sending hugs xo Karen
Rue said…
He's a good looking kid! I'm glad you got to spend more time with him :)

I'm sorry you've had all those health problems and I hope the surgery helps with them. And I also hope you enjoy your retirement finally.

Sandra said…
I wish you a wonderful retirement starting today....
Nancy Chan said…
Hi Pam, I hope your are recuperating well and life will get back to normal once again. Take care and have a wonderful day!
Darla M Sands said…
You are such a good mom and grandmother. ~hugs~ Best wishes! I hope you have good days ahead.
Betsy Adams said…
Nice looking grandson... Kids have a hard time these days with all of the anger and hatred in our world and country... So much has changed the past several years and our young people are the ones who are and will suffer... Very sad... Glad you can help and I know how much you enjoy having him with you...

Loved seeing the wedding pictures.. You are a great photographer...

How are you feeling after your surgery?

Liz A. said…
Maybe he'll come back...?

Enjoy your retirement.
Rhodesia said…
I hope that health wise all is well now and that you can retire at your own speed.
You are lucky to have children and a grand child, I had a hysterectomy long before I got that far. I love my peaceful retirement but it would also be nice to have some family around. I have my husband but as an only child no close blood relations. Enjoy life while you can Diane
Debbie said…
awwww, you will miss him but retired life is awesome, i love it!!!
sage and spirit said…
You know, my husband and I are really looking forward to retirement. All I can say is enjoy your time. You've earned it!
Jeanie said…
You've had quite a go of it. But I think you will love retirement. You already have the photography passion and I'm sure you'll have many others if you don't already. When I retired three and a half years ago, I took time to go talk to retired people (It was a fun blog post, the lessons I learned from them!). I've taken their advice to heart and I can't ever imagine how I lived my life when I was working. You've a big adjustment on your plate but I think you are up to the challenge!

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