Valentines Day and My Birthday

Hello everyone.
Yesterday was a really
busy day.
I attended a dietitians
class at the clinic
pertaining to my up coming
surgery and then I did pre op
and blood work.

I was there from 9 am till
1:30 pm.
Such a long day to get
done what I had to do.

When I got home I
took a much needed

When I woke up I made this
for Caleb.

Red and heart shaped.

I think he liked it.

Remember Tanya and Brian
from Brian's going away
get together?

I have met Tanya a couple
times before
through Brian.
She is a sweetie.
She contacted me via FB when
she was doing the get together
for Brian and I helped
contact people for it.

The other day she contacted me
again and wanted to
have a single
sassy ladies night
on Valentine's Day!

I thought it was sweet to ask
me. She don't live
but about 7 or 8 mins
from me anyway.

I was invited and she
invited two other
friends. Her daughter
Britney was also there.

As well as a friend of Britneys.

We had lasagna from Demo's
restaurant. One of the other
friends brought salad.

Tanya also had a chicken soup that
was tasty along with rolls.

After dinner I was presented with a
cake. That was so sweet.
Tanya realized it was my bday
from facebook.

After cake we played a game called
Right, Center, Left
and then several rounds of
Catch Phrase.
We had a blast.
Can't remember the last
time I got home so late!
Made it home around 10:45.

Thanks ladies for an awesome
Valentines Day
and Bday!

Thanks for stopping in,


Liz A. said…
Sounds like fun. Happy birthday.
Darla M Sands said…
I'm glad you got to enjoy yourself. Ironically I was born a day after V-Day, as was my first love. What fun to enjoy a birthday with a lover back in our youth. Ah, memories.

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