Spring to Emojis

It is right around the corner...


But here in Middle Tennessee
Mother Nature
has the flowers thinking it is

After school today Caleb
and I went to Walmart to
pick up things we needed
we needed.

And one thing I really wanted.
I wanted one of those pillow
things you lean back on.

I was going with brown to
match my d├ęcor but
Caleb kept suggesting

I agreed with him that this would
be more fun!

Thanks for stopping in,


Good morning Pam,
Beautiful flowers in your garden!
Very nice the EMOJIs!

Thanks for your visit and nice comment on "my" Sunset. :)
Liz A. said…
Emojis are everywhere. They have them on throw pillows. And a movie. Yikes.
Oh, this is cute! It looks comfy, too! Wonderful to see flowers blooming :) xx K
Darla M Sands said…
Cute! As for spring flowers I'm looking forward to seeing some new bulbs sprout. I purchased them from a neighbor girl's school fundraiser and they are different from my usual crocuses, daffs, and tulips.

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