Dishwashing Liquid Container with Style

Hi everyone.
This post is a bit over due since
I have been using this container
for about a year and just
now blogging about it,

And it was so simple to
throw together!

I picked up this jar at
for .49 cents.

I had actually thought I would
make some
vanilla in it.

But...that did not take place.

Had an issue with the top
that is attached.
Got hard to open at
Course now looking at this
pic I notice rust...that
might be part of the issue.

So I decided to use something
I picked up a wine stopper
at Goodwill
.99 cents.

Cute isn't it.
And I love BLING.

Makes popping the top so much
Adds BLING and style
to the sink area.

Thanks for stopping in,


Darla M Sands said…
You are so creative!

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