Coffee Shops

I am not a big coffee drinker.
I don't have to have it to start
my mornings.
Although it did help when I was
working so I always stopped and
picked up a larger cup of
(yes, flavored)
coffee to try and
jump start ME!

I don't make it at home but
here and there a friend
of mine and me will
just venture out and
have a coffee morning.

A few weeks ago we
did this and we went to
one of my fav places.
Uncommon Ground
in Old Hickory.

Cute little yuppy looking
place where all the
older folks go to hang
out and have coffee!

I think it stays open on
Friday nights and bands
play there. He always
has local artist come and
hang their art in his place.
I have had my work there before.

Coffee is great.
But the sausage and biscuit was
a bit to hot for my taste and I
like hot food.

Today Theresa and I tried the
Old Hickory Bistro
(2nd time there)
I had to scrabbled eggs and
two pieces of wheat toast along
with all the coffee I could drink
(2 one I spilled)
Food was great, flavored
coffee not so much.
Not a great deal of flavor.

Food was great, flavored
coffee not so much.
Not a great deal of flavor.

But service good and nice.
Esp when Theresa hit the table
coming back with more
coffee and spilled some of hers.
Then I, talking with my hands
proceeded to just knock mine
over...all over me and the table...
and the floor....

Anyway, next time we are going
to shoot for one in Mt. Juliet.
That will probably be next
Sat. cause after that
it will be a few weeks
before I will be out drinking
coffee while I recover
from surgery.

Thanks for stopping in,


S. J. Qualls said…
I don't drink coffee anymore, haven't for decades. (Medical reasons) It's nice you and your friend had a place to visit in.

Will you be able to drink coffee for a while after your surgery? I'm curious of the ins and out of that.

Have a lovely evening!

Liz A. said…
Sounds like some nice spots. Sorry you spilled your coffee.
Stephanie Faris said…
I wasn't a coffee drinker until recently--and now it's all flavored coffee. I have chocolate cherry coffee that I make sometimes...and put chocolate creamer in it. So you can tell I don't like the taste of real coffee at all!
Darla M Sands said…
Why is it that hipster hair salons and coffee shops get all the cool names? I avoid them in favor of cheaper places, though. ~grin~ In fact, I can't drink coffee anyway and have a hairdresser who works from her home.

I must say that my favorite salon sign in Chicago, Illinois (USA) says, "Walkens Welcome" featuring a portrait of actor Christopher Walken - get it? if you say it out loud "walk ins" welcome.

Be well!

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