Welcome to 2017 and Step Back to the Past

It's a LEAP to the
New Year!

Here is hoping you have
a great New Year.

I would like to introduce you
to one of my dearest and
oldest friends.
This is Julie.
(the taller one)
of course the shorter one!

I met Julie many years ago, in the 8th grade.
How old are you in the 8th grade?
If that be the case then
Julie and I have been friends
42 years.
Wow....where have those years gone?

Julie introduced me to her family
Mom Beverly on the left
and sister Laurie on the
And right off I was made
to feel part of the family.

Julie lives about 45 mins away and works
two jobs, so we see each once a year.
At Christmas time when her
mom opens up her home for a
Christmas Open House.
Not much goes undo decorated
at Beverly's home.
It's beautiful!

When I met Julie and the family...
brothers too, Beverly
was opening a bakery.

I think that was in 1975.
This is Mike....Beverly's hubby
and all around great guy.

Julie since then has opened a bakery
on her side of town.

Such a welcoming place.
Julie works here part time
and with her dad full time.
Roger, Julies other half runs the

All so good and carrot cake that
makes the mouth water.

oops...but I am getting ahead
of myself.
Julie and I met at school.

Donelson Jr. High once known
as Donelson High and now
known as Donelson Middle.

Going to Donelson was not far for me
but Julie was bused a bit longer to
this school.

At that point in time Donelson High was
busting at the seams. When you
walked out of class you better hope
that your next class was the way
the crowd was moving.

Oh....and lets not forget the

oops....that is not what I wanted
to tell you first.
First before going into the story of how
Julie and I met I did want to tell you
that even though after 8th grade she went
to one school and I went to another...

But we remained friends.
I was actually the Maiden of Honor
when her and Roger said I
do 37 yrs ago.

Haha...yep, that is me standing beside
Julie wit the little girl in front
of me. Our dresses were handmade,
mine by my mom.
The dress...which still hangs in
the closet upstairs!

Okay back to how Julie and I met.
Keep in mind, I never tell this story,
but Julie tells it to anyone that will listen
year at her mom's Open House.

Donelson was a rough school. There
were fights everywhere. A lot
of racial fighting.
Julie being meek and mild...
was so afraid. She made up her
mind that she needed to find someone
to buddy up with that made her feel safe.
She spent time looking around and somehow
settled on me.

She decided that I was her protector.
I did not let anyone run all over me.
I stood my ground and no one
messed with me.
Tag I was it.

And so very happy to this day that
Julie picked me and we became
fast and true friends.

We both made it through Donelson and
I guess I gave her the courage to
make it through her next
school.  And with that
Julie gave me one of the most
wonderful friendships.
We might not see each other
but once a year, but we pick
up like we saw each other

Thanks for stopping in,


Pam Jackson said…
This is from Julie. She posted on FB. I love you! I am going to print this and keep it where I can see it often as a reminder to not only see each other "once a year".
Happy New Year my friend!

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