The Past - Kmart

I blows my mind when things
pop up and happen that
I was not expecting or when
I realize that someone I know
is actually someone from my
and I had to clue.

Last night while scrolling
down my feed page on facebook
I saw a pic of someone while they
were in high school and the
light bulb went on.

You see, on FB some folks
are posting pics of themselves
in high school
and beside that they have a pic
of them now. Just so you can
see the difference. Just a fun
thing to do.

Well, Julie Tucker a lady I ....
met about 3 maybe 4 years ago posted
those two pics.
That high school pic caught
my attention.
I asked her where she went
to school thinking maybe  she
was a DuPonter (DuPont Sr. High)
where I went. She was not.
So I then asked her what her maiden
name was....
As soon as she typed Harris it hit
me. I worked with her at
When I say years ago I mean
the early 80's.
Yep, I was a mom working
part time with a hubby and
a 2 year old.
So I met Julie in 1982.

I knew I had pics from a night
at Kmart so I dug them out
last night.

This is me.
I worked the service desk
at Kmart.

I have always been silly.

This is a pic of Mike, me and
Jerry. Mike was over electronics
and Jerry was over shoes.

This is me with Julie Harris, can't remember
who the other lady is.
Just goes to show you that you never
know when your past will come
back to you.

LOL...I find that last statement
rather funny since I have always
told my kids to behave when away from
the house cause they never knew
who they would run into that would
know me....
and that happened several times!

Thanks for stopping in,


Liz A. said…
Small world. Especially on social media.
Mildred said…
That is wild that the older photo clicked with you and you figured out how you knew one another. I love looking back at old times!

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