Shopping Trip with Debbie Martin


I am not a shopper but
sometimes it can
be fun when out
with a friend.

New Years Eve
my friend and I
met up for dinner
to exchange our
Christmas gifts.

After dinner I decided I
was going to make a stop
at JoAnn's since I was over
that way.

Love clearance so this
row of stuff got my
and then I saw things
that were great for a few
I hardly ever do selfies and if
I do...
it is in fun like this.

Course Debbie had to grab
not at all my fav color!
But she was wearing it.

Well, it was not really the
diamond I was looking
for...haha but it was cute.

Saw these over by the beads.
Voodo dolls...
oops, sorry those are charms.

And then on the way out....

Be still my heart Cupid!

Thanks for stopping in,


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