Projects Lined Up

As if I don't have enough
to do I get the desire to

I have four 8x10 canvas that
need color put on them.

That will come in the next couple
of days.

Being retired now I have
time to pick up
things I have not done
in a while.

Cross stitch.

This is....
and don't laugh...
a Christmas ornament for
I used to make them for my kids
and family members.
I stopped in 2000 but
I decided to bring the tradition
back. So I have started on them now.

Gotta use up all this thread ....
this and the other 4 containers I have just
like this one.

I started this in July when I
retired and finished it up
just recently.
Now to frame it.

Oh....for those that don't know
I am a big Wizard of Oz
fan and I love this saying.

Matter of fact, I have it
on the outside of my
front door.

Thanks for stopping in and
please come back again,


Darla M Sands said…
You're so creative. Take care of yourself.
Anonymous said…
Oh I once loved to cross stitch - it was a passion before I developed a tremor in my hands. Love your saying and it looks good on the front door too. Folks will be very fortunate to receive one of your cross stitch ornaments!

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