Me in a Nutshell

For those new readers to my blog
let me introduce myself.

I am Pam.
I am an artist of

and acrylics

I am a photographer

I knit and

I make jewelry

and I make crafts from

Like this metal candle holder
and a glass globe.

Or this amazing metal
piece I found at my
brothers...minus the
light that I stuck up there
to see what it would look like.

Clean, sanded, primed,
painted and
wired for a light for
my deck.

This is a metal plant holder that
I actually have turned upside
down and a piece of tile.
Sets beautiful in
the garden with a birdhouse
on it.

Or paint flags on
shutters for a recyclable

I revamp furniture.
Sorry, no before pic but this
was horrible.

I have even welded

I am a retired state employee with
32 yrs service.

I am a mom of a 36 yr old

and a silly 29 yr old son

I am a grandmother...
or in my house
to three boys by my daughter.

Boy #1

Caleb today at 16

Boy # 2
Dustin Jr.

DJ at eight

# 3 boy


 and Braden at 6

The aunt to a mess load of
nieces and nephews
and one great nephew

and mom to
10 yrs old.

There it is folks.
Thanks for stopping in,


So many beautiful projects and art and a very lovely family! :)
Nice to meet you! I am following you via Bloglovin'. You do so many neat things that I have to be part of it. Love the light you made, the shutters and dresser....all of it!!
Hi Pam, it looks like you have a great family. Your projects are all quite varied and very creative. Your oil painting is so lovely. It's nice meeting you! Have a lovely day. ♥
Darla M Sands said…
You have more creativity in your pinky finger than I have in my whole body. ~sigh~ That said, I'm going to go work on a short story.

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