Hearts for the Doors

I wanted to make something
for the front door
Valentines Day.

When this thought hit me I
was with my friend Debbie and
she said she would also like
something for her

I knew just right off the
bat what to make and
what to make it from.

I had this wooden basket that had
sides that looked like hearts.

It would require a little

The hearts are missing the point
due to the bottom of the basket
being flat.

But I figured I could fix that.
So I started painting on
door hanger.

But it needed something else.

Here it is...

While making hers I
decided to work on
mine also.

So now the door hangers are

Thanks for stopping in,


Red Rose Alley said…
That looks nice, very creative. I love Valentine's Day!

Thanks for visiting us today.

Darla M Sands said…
I'm super impressed by the end result.

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