Gallery Wall - Pam Style

I see post on PINTEREST
all the time about
doing a gallery wall.
To me, I tend to do things
a little different then those
post show.

I don't line things up straight,
I don't use paper to tape to wall as
a template.

I just hammer a nail and
place things where I want them.
I have fun with it!

View of the gallery wall above
the couch as I lay back and watch

Love my keys.
My friend Debbie got these
for me.

This piece with the knob on it I
picked up at Goodwill for 1.99.

This is a Hobby Lobby piece I picked
up to fill in some blank spots.

Same with the bottle opener.

Black shelve with an old tin on it.
The tin was my great grandmothers.
She kept thread and needles in it,
which are still in there.

I picked up the iron trivet at an antique store.

All my pics on the wall are black and
This first set of pics I took a couple
of years ago.
It's called Cherish the Summer Fun.
These were taken for a non profit
group called, "Kids on the Block".

Next pic I took in my younger brothers yard...
He has the neatest yard art...
I love this rusty saw in the tree.

More of my brothers art.

I just loved this done in
black and white.

Isn't this neat?
I found this on a back road while
driving around.

Love the barn.


Another back roads shot.

The P is from Hobby Lobby.
Candle holder from Goodwill.

Here is an over all shot of the wall.

Notice, no order....just stuck all over and
I love it.

My best friend like it so well she
asked me to do hers when she moved.

So what do you think?

Thanks for stopping in,


Liz A. said…
Love it. And I especially like how it's not all lined up and regimented.
Very cool gallery wall! I love those keys and all of the special photos and pieces you've collected and displayed!
Very beautiful! I would just love to stand and look at all the pretties. LOVE the one you did for your friend with horse items! WOW! You are GOOD!
Betsy Adams said…
Love love love it.... My gallery walls (and I have MANY) are NEVER straight....

You did a great job of your friend's wall....

Thanks for sharing.
Darla M Sands said…
Awesome! And it's neat that artistry runs in your family.
Mildred said…
I love your style and wish you would do a wall for me!

You have some interesting items that make a fabulous gallery.

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