Christmas Gift for Theresa

This project started with
wood that I reclaimed
from my pantry when I
redid it.
Already stained and
ready to go.

Wood screws, drill for starter holes
and for screwing in the screws.
And you have this box.

Pull out the Mod Podge and scrap book
paper bought esp. for this

Holes drilled for the rope.
This rope was bright white and
I soaked it over night in tea
from a bag I boiled.
Let dry and inserted into the holes
with knots on the inside of the box.

I also mixed up some brown paint and
thinned it down with water to paint
over the paper to give it
the old look.

Added some Ball jars that I picked up
at Goodwill for .49 each.

Add some holly tree and cones for
look and BAM
Theresa's gift is done.

Not a lot of money spent but
it did take some time and

Thanks for stopping in,


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