I am addicted to PINTEREST.
When I should be up doing
something I am suffering
for things to do...

But I love when I run across
a quote I like.

Found this one tonight and
it reminded me of my
kids when they were growing up.
You see, I can't stand my
feet to be touched.
My kids loved knowing that.
My daughter being the oldest
knew how to handle things...
she would lay on me and
tell her brother to tickle my
feet, knowing that there was
more chance he would get the
worst of the deal.
HAHA...I would yell out
for them to stop before someone
got kicked across the room.

I love this for the nights
that you are too tired
to remove that makeup!

This is so me!
Always so totally exhausted and

This is one I found at

And this is perfect for the
weather of the last two days.

So true....so very, very true.
I used to think you had
to go somewhere every Friday and Saturday
not anymore.

Being an artist in paints and
photography I have to agree
with this one.



Thought this was cute.

There are tons of quotes about
on Pinterest.
I love reading them.
I really liked this one.

This caught my eye,
I suffer from a bad case
Fibromyalgia so
this hits home.



Thanks for stopping in,


Darla M Sands said…
When I read that you are tired all the time I feared chronic illness. That stinks. Through chronically ill author David Bridger I learned about something called The Spoon Theory. If interested, you can find the story here: https://butyoudontlooksick.com/articles/written-by-christine/the-spoon-theory/

Meanwhile, I wish you all the best and thank you for sharing these fun quotes. My favorite one might just be about the eyeliner.

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