Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

For the first time ever I had my
Christmas tree up

I really loved when pre-lite
trees came out.
Makes life so much easier.

Then the ornaments started to
go on. I really love taking my
time with the ornaments, unwrapping
each one with love.
I have worked so many years
to have a tree of
A lot handmade or
bought specially for that year.

When I first married in 1980
we could not really afford
to buy ornaments each year so
I started making them then.

Loving hot air balloons like I do
I had to be sure I had one
on my tree.
Just wished I had added a date
to this one.

My daughter was just 6 days old
when she had her first Christmas
but her second one was special.

This photo was taken at a life long
friends house and I made it into
an ornament.

Another handmade one.

I was into the country look when
I made this one.

I did purchase a wooden bear
that I painted for the tree one yr.

The older I got the more advanced the
ornaments got.
This was one I made out of
flour and water...
or whatever it was.

Then in 1987 my son came along.
I just loved this photo so I made
it into an ornament.

Like I said...the ornaments
started to look better as the
years went by.

I started to cross stitch them.

I also love clowns!

Keep in mind as I was making one
for me each yr. I was also making them
for my kids.

That grew fast, I started making them
for friends and brother and sis in laws,
nieces and nephews.
I finally had to stop when
it grew to over 25 one yr and
over a total of 50 hours.

This ornament was made by my
niece Paige. She was really young
so she did not paint it, I did.

 I picked this one up one yr for the tree
instead of making one. 

And since the kids are grown and they
have their ornaments I buy one
for my best bud,
my dog, Dakota.

Each year when I worked for the Tn Bureau for
Investigation the admins would go to
Gatlinburg for a two day conference.
I picked this one up a few years ago for
my ornament that yr.

The one below was made yrs ago
by my cousin. She made it out
of sand dollars. Cute little angel.

One of my photographer friends gave
me the next two for my tree.

Co worker at TBI gave me this one.

Many years ago I got this in the mail
from my late aunt Patsy. I posted
it on FB and tagged her daughters.
Each one of them have one like it also.

I really loved working at the TBI.
We were given this by the bureau
one yr.

No....not the same ornament below as
above. The one below I bought during
a Christmas fund raiser when I left the Bureau
to work for the Tn School for the Blind.

My alumni has its own website and
a store where you can purchase things.
This is a ornament drawn by
Nashville's artist
Phil Ponder.

You are probably reading this and thinking
that I did a lot of job changing since this
next ornament was bought to go
on our tree at work in Photo Service,
But seriously I worked for the State of
Tn for 32 yrs and worked for 3 departments.

I sold Christmas around the World
many yrs ago..this was in my

Friend got me this one in New Orleans.

Proud to be a citizen of the
state of TN.
Given to me by my boss in
Photo Services.

Given to me by Governors Office.
Three stars of TN..

From my bestie.

This should have went to my son but
somehow we missed this one.
This was tied to a package he
got when he was born from
his uncle Jerry and Aunt Penny.
29 yrs ago.

just thought this was a cool shot.
Wishing I had moved the camera bag
out of the way.

Painted this many years ago.

Found this sled at Goodwill for 2.99.
Couple of yrs ago....haha.
But I got around to doing something
with it the other night.
My believe blocks are made
out of scrap wood and I painted
the letters on.

Most folks are concerned about
hanging the stockings and I
was concerned about hanging
my Santa hats.

Then I had to worry about where
to hang Dakota's Santa hat!

Dakota's bone stocking made just for
him by a friend of mine.

My grandson's nutcrackers
and my Charlie Brown tree.

And to finally put an end to this long
this yrs ornament.

Thank you so very much for stopping in
and come again,


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