In yesterdays blog I stated that Moose
was like the dad of the dogs.
He is laid back.
Just wants you to speak to
him and pat him on the head
from time to time.

Being a chocolate lab, he loves
This pic below was taken after
I rode the 4 wheeler around
a bit. Him, Chole and Oakley
chased me. They all ended
up in the pond after that

Look at that face...

He goes to work with my
brother several times
a week.
So it was no big deal to
get him up in the car
and he go with me to
take my grandson
to school.

He got his own sausage and
biscuit that morning.

His is Moose drying off
under the bush after being
in the pond.

I had to laugh at him.

For the first couple days after
my brother leaves on a trip Moose
goes out and sits, looking
down the drive waiting
for daddy to return.

The one thing I can really say
about these dogs is....
they allow any animal
in the house and just d
sort of move over and except
them. There is enough
love to go around.

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