House / Dog / Bird / Fish Sitting

I have been house sitting for
my brother and sis in law
for years now.

When I first started I was sitting
with 4 dogs, fish, rabbit, hamster,
ferrets, cat, a bird and horse's.
By the time I got them fed in
the morning it was time to
start feeding the evening meal!

Over the years the dogs have
changed, the house changed,
a bird added....

I just spent the last 12 days
at the house while Ray and Lori
went on vacation.
Its always interesting sitting
with other animals in someone's

Meet Chole.
She is a Shar Pei and Lab mix.
I see Chole as the mother of the bunch.
If one of the dogs wanted in she would come
and get me to let me know.
I would think she wanted out but
when I got to the door and let the
other one in, she would not go
out. She was doing her
motherly deed and letting
me know.
She is so sweet and loving.

 This is Moose.

He is a chocolate lab.
And I see him as the dad of the bunch.
Moose is laid back, a loner sort of.
He will play with one of the other
dogs but he really prefers
going out alone and laying
under the bushes.

Let me also add that
Moose is a daddy's boy.
He goes to work with my
brother several times a week
and hangs out in the office.

Meet Maggie.

Ms. Maggie is a rescue dog.
She too is a loner but I think that
is mostly cause
the other dogs are bigger
than her, she moves slower and I
think they scare her.

Maggie is a sweetie.
Every so often she will come
up to you just to be rubbed on the head.

Last but not least for the dogs,
is Oakley.

Oakley is the youngster of the bunch.
He is a black lab.
He goes full force all the time.
Very friendly and wants to be
loved on most of the time.
He also is the only one that will
sleep in the bed with me
when I am there.

This of course is my baby.
He goes with me to house
sit. But when things become
over whelming for him, he goes
to my moms.
His name is Dakota.

Dakota is spoiled ROTTEN.
He is a routine sort of dog,
he does not like his life
to be changed in anyway
so when I house sit it messes with

Next in the line up is
The brat!

I think he is a one person
bird and I am not that
TJ belongs to my brother.

Next there is Lola.

Lola belongs to my sis in law.
A sweetie and she loves messing
with my dog.

And then we come to the
fish in the pond.

Yep....lots of fish!

Stories of my days house sitting
will come in future blogs....

Thanks for stopping in,


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