I see her as the mother
of the
Part Shar Pei

She is so sweet.
All she required from me
was a rub on the head
from time to time.

Shar Pei's are sensitive to the
sun so Chole really
don't like going out during the
day. She goes out first
thing in the morning and
then when the sun starts
going down.

But.....if another one of
the dogs are out and
they come lay by the front
door without scratching,
Chole will come and get you and
let you know that a dog
wants in.
All the babies in the house
loves this chair.
I was sitting in the one
next to this one when I
felt I was being watched.

I did find that Chole
would go out during the
day if she was staying on the
covered deck.

Here she is just laying there
watching the wild turkey!

Gotta love this girl.

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