The Kids

My son and daughter -in- law
flew in from San Diego on
the 23rd.
I picked them up and the
airport and
loaned them a car then
they headed
45 mins down the road
to visit with
Cory's dad.

After spending some days
with Cory's dad they
came here to visit
with me and this
side of the family.

After a family get
together I took the
kids out to the pasture
to visit with my horse
Britney wanted to pet
a horse, esp. a pony so
we headed that way.

Here is Britney visiting
with another horse in
the field.

Cory and Brit

Cory is an animal
He loves them
all and they all take
to him.

That is Misfire on the left.
For some reason she
started eating on Cory's

After feeding her
carrots Misfire
hung around to be

Later that day...
both my boys
snoozing and

For anyone that
knows Dakota, my
dog will be impressed
by this.
He is not the most
friendly of dogs
but Cory won
him over.

The fun night....
Went to a this fun center
that has bowling,
go carts, bumper cars,
laser tag, games
and skating.

We had a blast.
This is my grandson
Caleb showing off
his glowing shirt
in the glow

The boys playing
a game.

Had a great time
and a fantastic visit
with Britney and Cory.

This morning at
4 am I had them
at the airport.

Going to miss them
until my visit to Calif.
next yr.

Thanks for stopping in,


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