Rocks and Cashstrong

A couple of years ago
I started picking up rocks when
I traveled. Its an easy thing to pack and
carry home plus I don't have a lot of
things just sitting around.

I bring my rocks home and I
paint the location of where it came
from, seal it really well and put
it out in my garden.

Susie Q, as she is known is the
cousin of one of my best friends.
Susie saw my rocks on facebook
and wanted one for Memphis
where she has been spending a lot
of time lately. is Susie Q's rock for
her garden.

Susie Q has been staying in Memphis
with her daughter, daughters husband and
Susie's grandson, Charlie Cash.

So I wanted to send another rock
for Katie, Susie's daughter.

You see Cash is fighting cancer.
He is a cutie and he is 2 yrs old.
Cash will be starting round 3 of
chemo this coming week.

Cash's favorite song is
I Won't Back Down..
He has had people from all
over the US record that song
and send to him via FB.

So while you are enjoying what
I do with rocks please pass
on a prayer for Cash.

Thanks for stopping in,

He won't back down...


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