Printers Tray

My first job in the working
world was for a family run
printing company at the
age of 16 years old.

At that age I had not decide what I
would do after I graduated or
even what I would do with my
Working at Oakland Printing
Company in Mt. Juliet, TN.,
seemed to jump start something in
me. I worked mainly doing
bindery type stuff and I really
enjoyed it.

From there I went on to take
two years of Graphic Arts class
at my senior high school, DuPont
Sr. High.
At school I learned to set type the
old fashion way, pulling each
piece of metal type from
a printers tray,
like the one below.

I also learned working in darkroom
developing negatives to make
plates and how to run a Davidson
700 press.
I have always heard that once ink
is in your blood, it runs there

I purchased this tray years ago at a flea
market. I have been adding to the slots
with mini stuff for awhile.
This tray has hung in the entrance to
one of my bedrooms that acts as a
craftroom. Being that it is not
seen by many, I decided to move
it this evening. It now hangs
at the top of my stairs. It holds
things that was given
to me by my niece Holly, pewter
clowns,  and a real type piece of
a little girl.

Yep, ink is in my blood, so much
so that if I get a fresh printed
magazine or book, I have
to open it up and smell the ink!

By the way....about 6 months at the
family run printing company.
About 18 months of school in
Graphics (Senior year being a 2 hour
class) and 21 years working for the State
of TN printing shop.'s in the BLOOD!

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