New/Old Lighting

I retired July 11, 2016 so I have
time on my hands now...

The week after retirement I went
antiquing. I don't usually buy but
I love to look.
This time I did find a beautiful
chandelier I feel in love with
I just did not want to put out
80.00 on it.
Now that my salary is so much
more less than it was...I am holding
off things like that for now.
I figured I would look around.

Just the next week a friend
on facebook showed this one for

Although this one does not have
near the prims on it as the one
I saw and I knew
this would work...
all it needed was some loving

By the way did I happen to
mention that I got this
one for 35.00?

I took it home and started
to give it the love it needed.

Before the start of cleaning.

and after..

Then I put it aside for a few days.
I was sitting up one night when
I could not sleep and was of course
watching tv when I looked over
and looked at my light
sitting in the floor.
I realized I needed to pick up
some brass cleaner.
Less than 5 minutes later
a guy on the fixer up show I
was watching mentioned that
he was going to use a natural cleaner
to clean a brass bed....
Did this guy read my thoughts?

Anyway, the night before last I
tried this mixture.
Lemon Juice
He did not give an amount so
I just did a mix of the same
amounts on the lemon and
vinegar, just shaking in salt.

This is how it all came out.



Even though it came out nicer I don't
think this is how I will leave
I am thinking of taping off the
glass and spray painting
it a dark bronze or maybe
a shinny black.
By the way, I was wanting this
to replace my ceiling fan over my bed.

What are your thoughts on this?
Leave me a comment letting me know.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out
my new lighting.



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