My Friday

Good Sunday Morning.

I see a little sunshine this morning.
Yesterday was a rainy day and when
I say rainy, I mean it was raining
cats and dogs.

Speaking of dogs,
say good morning to Dakota,
AKA The King.
My best bud.

Last week was a busy week for me
but I am only electing to tell you
about Friday.

Morning consist of waking at 5:30, shower,
dress and makeup.
Makeup is not something I do often
since I retired but I was meeting up
with some folks later.

Why get up so early since I am
My grandson is staying with me
right now and it requires me
getting him to school.

Meet Caleb.

Handsome huh?

Anyway, him and his mom are moving
to another county but they are waiting
on a place to be ready.
Hence the reason he is with me.
It's a 45 min. drive to school.

Drop him off, drive back which
takes an hour since I am heading
the same way morning
traffic is going.
Run and drop the The King
off at my mom's.

And then I have an 8:15 doc apt.

On my way to the doc apt. I get
behind this.
Why would you do your car
this way?

Okay, that apt. out of the way and I
run home to throw some
laundry in the wash.

about an hour later I am out the
door again.
Having lunch with the group of
ladies I worked with at the
Tn. Bureau of Investigation.

Miss my Partners in Crime,
Cindy and Deborah.
Along for lunch with Diane Peoples
and Chaz.
I worked with Diane and Chaz the
last two yrs. at the Bureau.
Chaz being FBI.

After lunch and after the group
left I decided to look around.
We had lunch at Cracker Barrel
so I love to just walk around and look.

Wow....a new version of the old
record player!

Yep, Halloween and Christmas
is already out.

This caught my attention.
love it.

What a face!

Freaky and creepy!

I see you.

And then there is the old
friend that I grew up with.

On the way back home before heading
out to get Caleb at school I look in my
rear view mirror and .....
what is that, is Batman coming
up behind me?

Dude pulled up next to me so
I asked that that was...
Polaris Slingshot!

Interesting ride.

Then off to get Caleb.
Sitting in line at school
waiting for school to be over.

Time to head home and rest.....
After sitting and relaxing a bit
Caleb and I head right back
out, back to Wilson Co.
so that I can drop Caleb off
at the Wilson Co. fair and
I spent the evening hanging with
my friend Debbie.

Thanks for stopping in,


Sounds like a fun and busy day!! How nice to have some extra time with your grandson before he moves away!!

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