More Pics from my Back Roads Ride Around

I love to take pictures.
I love to make those memories.
I love to see the beauty in them.
I love to find something cool.
And I love to share them.

If you were to ever visit my facebook
page you would see that I have lots of
pics posted. I actually have an
album for just churches.

I found this little gem on my ride around
the other day.

Spring Creek Presbyterian Church,
est. in 1801.

I love to just set out and drive,
take roads I have never been on
and try to get lost!

That is when I find some really neat

Tater Peeler Rd.
Sounds like they are running
out of names!

Or how about Stumpy?
My next album on fb will consist
of unusual named street signs.
I ask my friends on fb to play
along by finding those street signs,
posting and tagging me in them.
I then put them in the album
listing who sent it to me.

Others love to play along.

Had to stop on the road to let
these ladies walk across.
The gent of the bunch was
on the other side of the road.

My fav time of the year to do a ride around
is in the fall. I will take off and be
gone for hours with my camera.
Course on that trip I venture out
leaving the home area and just drive!

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