Keys of Travel

Not only do I have a great
collection of Wizard of Oz stuff
I also collect key rings.

It started as a travel thing, wanting
to bring home something from my
trips but not needing big things to
just sit around the house.
I decided that key rings would
be awesome.

But I needed a way to display
I found a frame with a wooden
backing next to a trash can
on the side of the road.
So...I recycled it.
Painted it black
and painted the board the
color of my living room walls.

Picked up some cup hooks and started
to hang my key rings.

I picked this up while working
for the TBI.

This was one I got for a service award
working for the state of Tn. for
5 years.
(keep in mind I just retired with 33 yrs)..

This one was not picked up while
traveling. I think I picked it
up at Walmart.
Being an artist I had to have it.

I actually started this collection several
years after taking two cruises
so I did not get any from my
trips at sea.

I decided to expand my travels through
friends that were going places I figured
I would never go.

I have been putting most
of these aside as they came in
but today I decided to hang them.....
and I ran out of cup hooks!

Gotta pick some up next trip out.
More to hang.

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