House Sitting - Part 3 - From Flowers to Fish

I love being able to house sit
for my sis in law and brother.

I love the sites and the things I

Beautiful sunflower.

This was a yellow sunflower but
I love the way the sun is highlighting the
back of the flower.

A dragonfly.
These are not the type I have
on my creek.
The photo does not
show the true beauty.
Normally I take my big camera
with me but I did not do it this
stay, instead I had to shoot with
my cell phone.

I walked out the first night I was
there, saw this baby hanging around.
I know mom was around somewhere,
and she was, she was in the weeds but
she never saw me.
Baby on the other hand kept
looking at me.
No fear but it finally
wandered off.

Blocking the drive.

There were 10 of them when I came
back from an errand on Sunday.
Just hanging out.

Just a few of the fish in the pond. They
are so funny, they see you coming
up for feeding time and they swim to
that end of the pond.

Enjoyed my time at my brothers house.

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