House Sitting - Part 1 - August 1, 2016


Wow I know that my blogging
has been a total of
for a year now.
Work, life, stress and health took
over my life..

But I have recently retired - three weeks
now so I hope to get back to my
crafting, photography and
blogging along with some
other stuff.

So....hello again.
I am starting my blogging off with
a house sitting adventure. I have house
sat for my older brother for years now, and
with that there is usually a certain amount
of adventure that goes along with my
house sitting.

First let me say that I am sitting
with four large dogs.
Three labs and one German Sheppard,
two birds and a new addition,
a cat.
Plus I usually have my baby Dakota
with me. 

Those of you that don't know Dakota
let me tell you a bit about him.
He is a Rat Terrier, self centered,
spoiled rotten, does not friend other
animals easy and life has to be
all about him and what he wants!
He is my best bud and I love him to pieces.
He brings so much laughter into my life.
His behavior was no different this


(new addition)

Dakota checking out the cat.

Dakota usually does ok fitting in
at my brothers, he takes things in stride
but with my retirement maybe house sitting
with the bunch was a little to much, too soon.

Plus, it did not help that we were met at the
door not only by the dogs but...
by the cat too!

Dakota has been around cats before, he likes
to try to intimidate the cat. Funny thing, if the cat
moves, it scares Dakota and he will walk off like
all is good, but he is not happy.

Saturday the cat stayed out most of the day
into the night. I kept calling for it but
it was not ready to come in till around 11:00.
When the cat came in I went to the kitchen to
get a drink, followed both by Dakota and Kitty.
Both animals made a stance around the
island in the kitchen. Cat on one side and Dakota
on the other side, staring each other down.
I walked away and called Dakota, he turned around away
from the cat and walked around the island, but instead
of coming to me he peeked around the island to where the
cat was only to find it gone. LOL....
the cat had followed him around the island.
Dakota stopped. looked around with total
surprise on his face to see the cat standing right
behind him. Well, Dakota decided this would not
work so he walks back around the island, stopping again
to peeking around to where the cat WAS, only to find it
gone again....yes, it was behind him.
This went on about five times and
I was standing to the side laughing my
rear off....

Dakota finally gave it up and came to
bed with me only to lay on the edge of the
bed, "standing guard" to be sure the cat
did not come to bed.
Finally giving up his post, he gets on the
other side of me and went under the cover.
Then Kitty arrives. 3
Jumps up and starts looking for
I think that Dakota must have sensed
Kitty so he came out of the cover.
Standing on my right, Dakota,
standing on my left, Kitty.
I am laying there praying they don't
decide it is time to fight, esp. over me!
Kitty finally decided to leave.
In my thoughts I see Kitty shrugging his shoulders like
he really don't have time for that dog
and just turning around and walking off.

Thanks for stopping in.
Please leave a comment and come back.


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