Family Get Together

My son Cory and his wife are in
from California.
They have not been back home
for 3 yrs. So my mom wanted
to do a get together and my sis in law
was open for us doing it at their home.
Lori you are a jewel.

With that said this is my daughter Amber and
my son Cory.

A few jokes and laughs between
brother and sister.

I wanted my daughter in law, Britney in
some pics but while she jumped in
and ready to have her pic made
the other two decided to be funny.

Now I know this last pic looks strange, no Cory
did not have an itch, he was holding his
bad habit out of the pic, not realize I could cut
it out...
Smoking....bad habit.

After lunch ice cream making
came into play.
My oldest brother Ray starting the
churning for the ice cream.

This is a pic of Cory's turn.
This is about as serious as it gets.

Of course I had to get a pic of my
grandson Caleb doing his part.

My great nephew, Cole giving my
mom, his great grandma a hug.

My two amazing sis in laws.
Lori is the blonde and she is Cole's grandmother.
Kim is in the blue, she is married to my
youngest brother who could not make
it since he was working.

My niece Jessica and her
Army man boyfriend.

Caleb kicked back after lunch.

Chase my nephew and little Cole's dad
decided to take Ms. Lola out of the cage
and play with her.

She had other thoughts.
Nest in Chase's hair.

Propped right up there taking things in.

Flapping her wings to let us all know
she was still there.

But the truth be known she was really
enjoying the taste of his hair gel.
She would grab a piece of hair and start moving
up from the root to the end then grab an other
piece and do it again.

And this is my Dakota, standing
behind Chase wanting to taste
Ms. Lola for lunch!

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Sounds like a wonderful family get together!!! How nice to have that special time together.

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