The New Job - Tennessee School for the Blind

Two and half months ago I 
went to work for another
state agency,
the Department of Education,
for the Tn. School for the Blind.

My morning walk around the front 
of the school.

Another view of the front
of the school.

There are street signs
all around campus to
help the children learn to get around
outside. Not all our students
are completely blind. Some
just have site problems.

I enjoy walking around and finding
neat items set up around
the school.

And I love the art work around
the school.

This pic painted by one of our students
hangs in the admin office where I work.
It was also featured in a calendar
from blind school students throughout
the US.

One of my favorites!

So cute...a carrot rock with glasses.

These are painted through out
the school halls.

One of the windows in one of 
the rooms.

The school mascot is the tiger.
We are the TSB Tigers and
we have our own
Tigers shop where we
can purchase coffee cups, hoodies
and shirts. 

The admin office is right
down from the band room
and the piano room.

On the door of the band room.

Here is the gym.

And I love that they have a bowling alley
in the school.

Play ground area.

The library.

And I really love these...
teachers mailboxes.

Me wearing my TSB shirt.

and my bracelet.

in the hall.
The Lion's club donated the
lion years ago.

the sign in the lobby as you enter the school.

Many donated benches outside on the

this is in the garden outside the
front of the school.
Esp. 1844.

One of our service workers walking with
the Director of Residence while
she shows him how
to help a blind student with
a cane while she wears vision
impairing glasses.

This is above the 
entrance to the admin office where
I work.

The morning sky as I enter the campus.

Thanks for taking a tour of the school 
with me.

Thanks for stopping in,


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