Necklaces and Lunch

I have been at my new job
2 months in 2 days.

Wow...funny how fast it was for
me to fit right in.

Pam, the lady in the front 
office came in the other
day and gave me 

Said she never wore it and
wanted me to have it.
That was so sweet.

Then today I commented on 
Melissa's necklace and
she said she don't know
why she wore it cause
she don't like anything on
her neck.

She took it off and gave it 
to me.
Tried to give it back but
she said she wanted me to have it.

Isn't it pretty?
Probably is going to be that
I have it in my mind I have
to match earrings to my
gotta start looking for
beads like this!

I have had a lot of firsts
in many years since going
to work for the school.

What I mean is that it has been 
many, many years since
I bought a meal ticket!
bought one today.

And this is my $2.00
salad today.

Had another first of many years a week ago
when I had my pic made for the yr book!

Thanks for stopping in,


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