Phone Dump - August 1, 2015

Been deleting from my phone
before I remember to 
dump it here!

Chris garden might now be
putting out much but
it's producing the 

I love clouds.
This shot was pretty cool.

Dakota was worn out the
other night.

Clouds on the way to work the
other day....

See the face in the clouds?

Today I was cleaning out the
salt and pepper shaker
that was in my drawers
at the TBI.

Thought there was a lot
of salt in the drawer cause
it spilled out...


but it had sprung a leak!

I now work here.
Took this the other morning 
before work started.
Caught the sun at the right time.

This critter showed up about a week
He, she or whatever builds
ever night in the same spot,
but is gone every morning.
It's a big visitor but
he is not bothering me so 
I allow it to stay.

Took Caleb to meet his
mom early in the week
at her job. Storms came
through and most of the lights
in that area were knocked out.
Took me forever to get home.

Here is Red hiding behind mom's
recliner cause of the storms.

Dakota, laying on my chest
sound asleep.
He is just now at 8 yrs of age
learning that he can
do this and trust me to
not hurt him. 
He laid here for over
an hour.

Shot a wedding this evening.

The cake.

Grooms cake.

Realized when getting home after the
wedding I actually had to 
walk past my visitor
on the way up the porch.

Yummy.....picked up an organic 
watermelon at the local
flea market.
Best one so far this year.
Had to have some after
the wedding....

Thanks for stopping in,


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