Dakota - Habits, Likes, Dislikes

Don't really have pics to go with these 
little tidbit stories of
so I just added a couple of
some taken along the way.

Dakota has this habit
of wanting to be covered.

I leave a throw out on the couch
all year round cause when he
jumps up there, he will ask
you to cover him up..

How you ask, by
scratching you on the arm.

Try to ignore him like I did this morning
and the will scratch a bit
harder next time....
and the next until you cover him

At night, he starts out covered. 
Then I figure he gets hot and out
he comes. Later since I have
the fan on, he gets cool and
wants back under the blankets....
You feel him staring at you to 
raise the cover so he can crawl under.

He is not a holder or a lap dog but
he does love to get up as close
to you as he can. He has to be
touching me.

He loves going to granny's to play with the
dogs there through the week but
in the evening he is glad
to go home and 

He claims that those 
Girly girls at granny's
just wear him out.

On weekends he don't understand
why we don't go.
He lays on the back of the chair
looking out the window and 
generally is in wait to 
see who comes over.

He gets all bent out of shape when granny
comes, all excited but
then jumps up on me and shakes
for fear that she is taking him and 
I am not going.

Although he loves to be there once
again, when he gets there.

He is a very smart boy.
He knew how to sit
on command when I 
got him.
Within just a couple of days
on each trick he was
able to learn to sit up,
lay and roll over, dance on 
his back legs, walk on his back 
legs, shake and to give high five.
And most times if I point to me
cheek and ask for a kiss
I get one.
But a lot of times, that
kiss only comes if HE is in the
mood to give it.

But like my mom said this morning...
he is dumb on other areas!
Like the day before yesterday when
leaving moms house he chased
a squirrel up the tree.
The next day when leaving her
house he ran back to the tree
to see if the squirrel was still
waiting on him.
Plus, I let him in through moms
garage on bad rainy mornings.
He hates the rain.
But then he runs up stairs
and wants out the back door....
kind of like he don't realize
that it is raining out that side of
the house also!

He loves to be petted.
But most of all if you start
to do that, he rolls over
to have his belly rubbed.
He loves that most of all.

He picks out certain colors of
his food and lays them on the floor.
Most times he will go back
and eat it but usually only
when he is ready.

He also usually takes a mouth
full of food
to the carpet to eat....
the joys of comfort!

He likes cantaloupe.
And like me, he loves his 
We have had our stand offs over
the watermelon before on who will
get the last bite.

Great snack for him. 
He likes...but he don't like a 
bunch of stuff that makes me
really have to chew.
Dakota inhales his food.

Dakota has a hard time getting close
to folks.
He don't have the best personality when
it comes to meeting new people.
But that personality gets a touch worse
when you pick at him.

This pic is my brother holding Dakota.
DAKOTA don't like to be
picked up.
Then again, he don't like to be picked
up and then messed with.
My brother Mark loves to
do that to him.
This is Dakotas reaction to that.

When Dakota goes places with me
he usually lays on his dog pillow in
the back seat but when we get close
to granny's or we are going a 
way he don't know he will stand
with his back legs on the back seat and
front on the console between the 
two front seats so he
can see out the front window.

It took months before Dakota would
give in to trust Chris.
He is not trusting at all but
now he will actually go sit
with Chris instead of me sometimes.

Back to food....
or drink.
He loves milk.
I do not give him much but
I usually leave a little
in my glass for him to have.

He has been different than
any dog I have ever had, been
raised with or spent time with....
But he makes me laugh!

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