This, That and Whatever

The count begun 2 years ago when
I was moved from the unit I worked
in for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.
I was not excited or happy in the unit
I was moved into. Having 30 yrs with
the state of Tennessee I just wanted
to enjoy the work I did for the next
few years till I retired.
The move made me consider
retiring early. I started the count
down at the end of May 2013..
2 yrs, I could go July 31, 2015.
Started counting months, then
when I hit July 31, 2014 I
changed the count down to days.
90 days before I was to put in
paperwork to go I was contacted
about a position that was open
and they wanted me to apply for it.
I was not going to consider it till I
heard it was at the TN School for the
Blind (still with state government)....
and 10 mins from my home.

I applied and got the job. Monday, July 13, 2015
is the start of my last week with the TBI.
I have 7 yrs with them and I hate
to leave for I have made some
really awesome friends here...
but, it is time to move on.
With that said lets move on....
Saw this on Facebook and loved it.
LOL....great thing about this, I did
not save my bikini from the past!

Yesterday in the mist of a project I went
to pick out some paint....I settled
on the sample color. Then I checked
the oops paint at Lowes and found the
color on the paint lid. Pretty close
to what I was going for..
$35.00 can of paint...
at the oops price...$9.00.
Yep that is doable. A gallon
was not needed but I can use this
in another area I have in mind.

Wondering what the project was I
needed the paint for, have to wait
and see cause I have just one more
thing to do to it.
I saw these on Pinterest
months ago and for fun just
wanted to paint a set.
With that everybody wanted
a set.
I done 5 sets already.
I had posted on facebook that I
was going to paint them for
fun when my son commented
that he wanted a set!
Meet my son Cory.
He turned 28 last Wed.
And yes, I painted him a set of Turtles
and shipped them to him
in Calif.
He loved them.

I love finding bargins.
One day a couple weeks ago
I ran in my FAV store....
Hobby Lobby or
the Hobby for short.
I always check out the clearance stuff.
Found something I thought was so cute.

And I loved the mark down price!
17.99 to 3.60
I bought TWO.
I thought my youngest brother
might like one.
And I got me one.
Thought I might hang on the shed.

Pretty colorful.
Finally my crepe myrtly bush bloomed.
It took forever.
Thought maybe that it would
not bloom this yr since it
looked like this twice or
the winter.

But it turned out nice after all.

The "taste of summer"
Cherokee tomato!
Best tomato I think I have ever
had. Amazing!

I used to years ago get books on tape
to listen to going to and from work when I
worked down town. Then I would also listen at work
if I could, and they are awesome to clean house
by. How many folks can clean and read
at the same time, kills two birds this way!
Couple weeks ago I headed to the Library to
get a book and saw books on CD. BINGO!
Yep I grabbed a couple and since I like strange
stuff like vamps, witches and the sort I got a souple
Yasmine Galenorn!
I am hooked.
I happended to get a few that were
the starting to a series so now
I am listening to them in order.
I turn it on at work and
but my earphones in....
I am set!

Now on a serious note.
I am on a page on Facebook called
Fibro Colors.
They are always posting cute things
to make folks aware of this.....
I live with Fibromyalgia and have
since 2006.
I deal okay with what I call my
everyday pain but then
comes that time when
my nerve endings decide
to go
and I go into a fibro flare.
Constant pain,
pain that travels,
issues sleeping,
brain fog,
loss of words,
loss of thought or
so much more.
My latest flare started the
first of June.
I battle daily to just move at
I wish I could explain how that feels!
It is not just being tired, it is
so much worse.
Anyway...thought this said a lot.

Now.....another serious issue.
Folks are always yelling about
being offended over this or that.
And to be honest they offended
me over a lot of this.
I am not happy with SC courts
with the choice of removing this
flag from the courthouse.
Yes, what happend up there
is so wrong but the flag was not
behind it. It was just a symbol for
someone to bitch about.
I don't see slaves when I see this.
and this offends me
so when are the courts
going to so something about

It offends me when folks from other
countries come here and try to replace
with their flag. Yes, they have a history
and they wish to pass it down
to their kids, fine.....but don't
try forcing it down the
throat and
try to change or laws
and rights because you are
Thanks for stopping in,
Sorry if I offended you.


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