Dakota - The End of the Driveway

Well I know for a fact that Melissa Wyatt
would love to hear the story about the time
Dakota flew, jumped, made his way
out the car window so here goes....
I took the booster seat that he sat
in out to clean it.
Was headed to mom's and
forgot to put it back in!
Driving, turned in mom's
hood and looked back to
speak to Dakota, he was
there. Few blocks away
with the windows down,
and radio going, loudly.
Pulled in drive, looked back
Looked around.
No dog.
Oh hell what happened.
Drove the hood and no
Mom and I got in our cars and
kept making the trip around.
I know he did not jump out before
we got to the neighborhood but
where was he.
I drove off a connecting road
to the route I took. There he
was sitting under a tree.
He hobbled to me and he
was really hurt.
And pissed!
It took me a whole hour to find
him and he was taking it out
on me. I had been crying all this
time and so happy to see him.
Off to vet.
Long story short -
leg broke and he needed surgery.
He was a puppy and it was either
cut the leg off or save it.
I opted to save at the total
cost of 3000.00!
Next story!!!
If Dakota sees me getting
ready to go somewhere he will
sometimes ask to go out.
And being a smart dog he will
go to sit either behind the car
or at the end of the drive...
thinking I will take him if
he does this....
Oh little does he realize that if
he can't go...I will go get him
and carry him in the house!

a visitor to the yard Mom....
let me go out and check things out.
He walks up to the cat from across
the street.
He was thinking that the cat would
run and he could chase!

The cat just sits down and stares at

Till Dakota has decided that he has had
and he walks off.
Notice the cat's head turned the other
no concerns at all!
Life with this dog is so much fun.

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