Dakota at Play and His Friends

Dakota being Dakota is
a tad pickie about whom
he plays with.
But two days of house/dog sitting
at my brothers he started to play
with Chole and Topper.
He he is playing with Topper.

And this is a friend of mine's dog...
Ms. Molly.
He decided she must not be so
bad after all.

Him and Topper sleeping off play time.

Now, for the first time in his 8 yrs
Dakota has two best friends.
He loves these girly girls and they
love him.
That would be Dakota on the left,
in the middle is Khole and
Dakota was becoming a grump old man
and did not want to play and just
wanted to lay around at granny's all
Well, Cheyenne came on the scene and the
play started....then Khole came
along and play starts the minute
Khole wakes till she crashes at
night. Dakota loves her but he
is so ready to go home when
I get there to get him!




and there is one more at mom's house.
That would be Molly May but
she don't like having her pic made.
This is Si, he lives next door to
Chris. Si loves to try and play
with Dakota but Dakota is
usually worn out from play
with Khole!

Another way that Dakota plays...
or better yet, I play and
he rides with me...
on a go cart.
I started putting him on
there with me cause I feared
he would have a heart
attack while chasing me
when I opened it up wide and
went for it.

Dakota is not much on toys.
Yesterday I showed him with
his fav monkey but once that
was gone, he really has
not taken to anything else...
except the rope toys.
He likes to play tug a war.

The video below was taken
a few years ago. That is Caleb
playing keep away with Dakota...
and Caleb is not 14.

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