Closed One Door - Open Another

Today I closed one door and
Monday I will be opening another one.
My feeling has been all over the board 
all week long.

Nerves about starting another job
at 55.
Excited about a new adventure.
Sadness for leaving a place where
I have spent the last 7 years.
Sadness leaving some really good
friends behind.
Wondering if I made the
correct choice....
another job over retirement!
Guess I will have to wait
and see.

The Medicaid Fraud Unit
for the TN Bureau of 
was the job I moved into in 2008.
Although I was moved from that unit
into another one 2 years ago
Medicaid wanted to show me that 
they would miss me and to
congratulate me.

My card from them.

And a great chocolate cake
from Nothing Bundt Cake!

I was informed by the SAC (my old boss)
that this was my limit on them giving me
going away parties!

The ladies I worked with in the 
Fusion Center
Criminal Investigative Unit
got me this.

Electric Blue Agate.

My boss Jerri
bought pizza for the whole office
yesterday since she would
not be there today.

And this is me leaving the 
parking lot 
at noon today...
My last day with the TBI.

Been with the state of Tennessee for 32 
years now and July 31, 2015, I
can retire with full benefits.
I had planned on staying with Medicaid
Fraud for at least 5 more years....then
retiring from there, 
but not being a fan of the job
I was moved to forced me
to make a choice.
Then this new job came
So I had to make another
choice and I decided to 
continue to work.

Leaving TBI for retirement
or another job still would
cause me to have mixed

But Monday I will be off
to a new journey in my 

Thanks for stopping in,


Gail Wilson said…
wishing you all the best Pam!

I hope your week is off to a good start.


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