Refrigerator Bites the Dust

These are pics pulled off the internet
but this does look like
the refrigerator I now have....
And it DIED!
Okay, so I helped it along...
by leaving the freezer
door open.
For about a 5 (or more) days!
I figure that if I cooked more
I might have relized that the door
was slightly open.....
and all the food (it was packed)
was thawing out.
When I realized the issue
was MUSH!
and had started to smell.
This is the new one I am having
delivered tomorrow!

I am even getting with the times
and got stainless steel!
For the first time ever I
will also have water/ice in the door!!
Up town now with a new fan dangled
Thanks for stopping in,


Gail Wilson said…
woohooo! sorry about the "why" but happy you're updating the fridge!

Jamie just got a new one delivered Saturday with an ice maker.... she's really old school--still got the freezer on top model.

enjoy your new fridge pam!

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