Phone Dump - June 23, 2015

My phone dump starts with
this morning...
I cut a watermelon the other day
and put the rind in the fridge.
This morning I grabbed it as
I was headed out the door....
Dumped the rind off at Chris'!
Needless to say that the PIGS
are in HOG HEAVEN!
Razor came running first.
Then Lenny.

And Maybelline joined them.

This is Khole.
She is a rescue dog.
My mom's youngest and
newsest puppy.
A total mess.
Plays from sun up to sun
down but has been the
best thing for my dog.
He runs and plays
all the time now.
Look at that face!

Two of my grandson's.
DJ was with his dad so I
did not get his pic.
This is Braden and Caleb.

My daughter collects shot glasses.
Makes it easy on my when I travel!
Found a pack of these at Dollar
General for 1.00. Contains
about 16 cups.
Thought I would give her one for
her collection.
They have lights to string on your
deck made of these also.

my flower garden, the new bed just
keeps growing with more stuff added
all the time.
The newest addition!!

My son Cory is all about
Loves it.
I am always tagging him on
facebook with bacon stuff.
Found this at the Tractor Supply Store the
other day.
Yep, I had to get this for him!

Just finished up my 4th set of
This set got shipped to
Johnson City Tn.
3 more sets to go.
1 for my son who still to this
day at almost 28 wants a set for the
MAN room.
And two sets for a fb friend but
those don't have to be done
till Dec.

My baby.
Snoozing after a long day
of playing with Khole.

Thanks for stopping in,


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