Phone Dump

I have always loved taking
pictures but since life went
digital I have really LOVED it.
I am always snapping a pic of something
and before the cell phone I
had a point and shoot I carried with
me in my purse.
Cell phones make it easier!
The past week ~
I was standing in line last
week at the dollar store and
looked over to see this.
I have not seen or had this
gum in years and although
I don't need the sugar I
grabbed a pack.
To my surprise I realized that there
were tattoo's on the wrapper.
According to several people they
have always included the tats....
Okay, so where was I?
I don't remember that .

I planted two lavender plants in
my flowerbed this yr. but
of course it was way to early for
them to do anything this yr.
But a friend of mine shared
some of her's with me.

Took this the other night cause I loved
the way the dead tree was towering above
the green and the sky was so dark.
Little did I realize till later
that the image also included
a heart.
Do you see it?

Chris had his first mater of the season.
It was good too!
Now if mine would just start producing.
gotta love a redneck red solo cup string
of lights!
Yep, should have gotten some of

Dinner the other night produced this
Eyes are open.

Chris had this tired ole picnic table
and it was looking really sad so
I offered to redo it if he would
get the wood.
Well, he got the wood and redid
the table. I love how I can start
a project and have someone work
on it for me....hehe
Anyway, I decided to prime it the other
day and here are my two FRIENDS
that are hanging around but are NO
help at all.
Dakota - my dog

And Wilbur- Chris' pig.

Thanks for the help guys.
Sitting at my desk the other day
I was having an issue with my hair
rubbing on my neck so I decided
to see if I still had the
or should
I say

Okay, not perfect but to do it for myself
and it being not long enough it turned
out ok.
Dunkin Donuts for
coffee the other morn
I saw this in front of me.

True....but I have seen a lot
that seem to be lost and they
are not even wandering.
Took this on mom's deck of Red.
She is such a gentle girl but
looking around the eyes you can
see she is aging.

Another shot at work.
On break and just messing around.
This was one day that I was
just feeling out of sorts
or just plain
so with that said,
this was my, " I really
don't give a crap look"!

Thanks for stopping in,


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