This, That and Whatever

I seem to attract 

wanting to cuddle.

Sweet little (LOL)....okay
big Si. 

And then there is Rusty.
Nothing like him deciding
that he wants to love on you
and jumps up in your lap
to  HUG on you.

These are the neighbor dogs that live next to
Please over look the condition of the garage...
it is what it is....a working

Yesterday I had my youngest grandson
for several hours...
Granny (his great granny) gave him $5.00
to get him, me and Dakota and
ice cream.

Nothing like vanilla ice cream and
fudge on top.

Later we did some face painting.
Its really hard to get 
a 4 yr old to sit still to
do this...

It tickles Nana!!

Saturday evening it was off to the
dock to listen to the 
Old Hickory Boys sing.

It was Chris' mom's birthday so Chris
shared a dance with his mom.

All her son's were there, with families and 
friends. I think she had a great time.

This big boy was hanging around
the dock..
a rescue by the owners., 

Check out these babies...
That would be mine sitting up,
Dakota, only male in the bunch.
The other two are my mom's.
The black one is a Min Pin,
Chole. Silly little dog and plays
from daylight to dark.
The tan is Cheyenne.
These three play all day
at mom's. Best of buds.

 Went to sit on the bench on Chris' front porch the
other evening and almost found this guy to wrong way.
Luck would have it...I looked before sitting!

Early last week this is what
my yucca plant looked

But I came home one day later
last week and found this....

Yep, I was not happy.

my friends know that I love the
Wizard of Oz..
I was tagged in this on facebook

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