The Picnic Table

Chris had this worn out old
picnic table on the side of the house.
(sorry no before pic)

I have used it several times to set items
I wanted to spray paint.

All it needed was a little love...

and more BOARDS!

I told him if he would get the wood
I would fix the table....
he got the wood and went ahead and
replaced the pieces.

Now to pressure wash the flaking
paint on the body and
I will be ready to paint!

What shall I put on this table?

Cause you know that I am not just painting
it a solid color!!!

How about something like
bees and ants?

Bright bold flowers?

Or a game?

Guess you will have to wait a couple
of weeks to see.
I have a lot going the next couple
of weekends so it will have to wait some!

Thanks for stopping in,


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