The Front Door

I seem to do things in stages
these days and it might
take me a while till
something hits me that I
want to do......
or better yet till I manage to
get around to getting it done.
Hence the front door.
Two years ago I decided that
it needed to be another color
instead of white.
Finally picked out a red from the
brick around the front porch.
And it got painted late last summer.
I love the change.
But looking at it a couple weeks
ago I decided it needed something.
So I painted a section in the middle
of the door white.

Added some peel and stick on

Painted red over them to cover
all the white.
While the paint was still wet
I peeled off the letters.
Leaving my saying.

What do you think?
Great for me cause for those
that don't know,
The Wizard of Oz
is my fav movie of all times.

I touched up the paint on both the
saying and the door to
finish it off.
Now trying to decide what to add to the
back door....
It is between~
"Home Sweet Home"
"Home is Where the Heart Is"...
now to decide!
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Gail Wilson said…
great job Pam! I love the update to your front door.

Because, there truly is "no place like home"

have a great weekend!
Angela McKinney said…
Love how it turned out. Glad you linked up at #HomeMattersParty

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