The Faces of the TURTLES

A few months ago I saw these
A woman had painted them
for her son's room.

I thought they were adorable
and thought maybe I would
do a set just for fun.

Next thing I knew I had
5 orders,
my son wanted a set
and I decided that my great
nephew would love
a set for his birthday.

This was my first set.
My great nephew.

Between those orders was an order for
Wendy's daughter's birthdays..
This is her daughters holding 
their birthday gift.
A cup cake and Batman emblem.
These were shipped to Tx.

Last week I sent off a Turtle set to
for Peggie's order.
I think this little guy loved
his birthday gift!

I still have a few sets to go.
One has to be ready in June.
One in July and two
sets not till Dec. 

Also, let me throw in here that Wendy
and Peggie, plus Rebecca (the ones in Dec)
are internet friends of mine that I met
via the web many years ago on a site
called Club Mom. 
When it closed down a lot of
us moved over to facebook where
we have continued this internet friendship.
Trying to remember....I think I went on 
that site maybe 9 or 10 yrs ago.

Thanks for stopping in,


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