Saturdays Adventures - Part 2

Good morning!
If you read my last post you will
understand why I call my
Saturday and adventure!!
My friend Theresa AKA T and
I started out going ONE place!
And ended up going several
This would be the Farmers Market.
We ended up here since Bates Nursery
did not have an herb she wanted.
Of course I was just wondering around
taking in the view and taking
Loved this....
Loaded down for sure.
There was a paint race in downtown
Saturday and some of the runners
ended up at the Farmers Market!
Yep, you got it....when PIGS fly!
After leaving there we headed to lunch.
Large menu.
No clue....
But this was yummy.
Loved the painted walls.
My fruit really looked good.....
and it tasted great!
After this.....we were off again,
only for home!
Where I decided to put the plants I
got at Bates in the ground....
but after getting me up at the
break of dawn for this day,
T went home and took a NAP!
Thanks for stopping in,


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