Saturday's Adventure

Beware of conversations that start out
like this~

I am going (somewhere) on Saturday
do you want to go?

Yep, that one got me!

My friend Theresa, AKA T, said
those very words to me.
She was going to Bates nursery
on Saturday and wanted to know if 
I wished to along.

Me being me and it being spring,
and me not wanting to stay
in and clean on a beautiful day,
will always reply SURE!

In a few emails the next couple
of days I was told that we would
also be making a stop at Trickett to
get a part T ordered for her car. big deal, its a fast stop!
Oh but wait, we would also be
stopping for breakfast since I was
also informed that she would pick me
up at 7am!

Anyway, Hardees for biscuit and
strong coffee.

Then to Trickett.
Where I spotted Lewis the 
Trickett dog.
He is always in commercials
with those guys, selling cars.

Leaving there we saw this sign....
but we already had breakfast.
Yikes, two breakfasts!

Finally we made it to Bates.
I walked around amazed at some
of the plants.
NO clue what this is but
wow it was cool.

I am all about purple, my fav color.
This won my heart.

As well as this. Mine usually put
out this color.

But not this color.
Pretty and I am not really
into pink.

Pepper anyone?

Sea of purple.

Mountain of red!

I had to have this...
salmon in color.

Then the blue skies caught my attention
since it was spitting rain when we went in,
noticed the rusty trike and loved this

Before leaving Bates I was informed
that they did not have a certain plant
T was looking for.....
I was then asked would I mind if we stopped
at the Farmers Market.....

And so off we went again.

More on that adventure later.
Thanks for stopping in,


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